We have CLT mats for purchase and can deliver many places across the United States.

CLT, or Cross Laminated Timber mats, are used to build temporary access roads on construction sites. They are commonly used on major power transmission and gas and oil projects. 

If you are looking for CLT mats for purchase, Wolverine has a variety in stock. 

What are CLT Mats?

CLT Mats for purchase

CLT mats are made of engineered wood. The wood is created by using perpendicular wood layers and glue to create a stronger panel of wood. They are durable, sustainable and lightweight. 

CLT Mat Advantages

Besides being durable, sustainable and easy to transport, CLT mats are also great because they can be reused at different job sites. Because they are a single piece of adhered wood, they can easily be cleaned with a scraper or power washer before being used for your next project. 

CLT mats are also easy to repair. If you are using bolted mats, if you lose a bolt, you lose the mat. With solid construction CLT mats, you can replace damaged boards without compromising the integrity of the mat. 

And because the mats are environmentally friends, after they outlive their usefulness, they can be recycled. They can be ground for mulch, used for livestock bedding or they can even become a component of bio fuel. 

CLT Wolverine Mats for Purchase

CLT mats outperform traditional bolted mats in many ways. Which means they are more efficient to transport and they are more sustainable. And they can be used on construction sites wherever ground protection is needed. They can also be utilized in a variety of applications including swamp bogs, marches and other areas where cross laminated timber is an ideal option. 

Wolverine Mat has a wide variety of CLT mats in stock. Pick from your choice of 3 to 9 ply mats that are 8’ wide and 50’ in length. 

And when you choose Wolverine, you will always get the best in service and quality. After years in the business, we have built a solid track record and worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients that are built on trust. 

If you are looking for CLT mats for purchase, call Wolverine first.

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