If you are looking for crane mats for rent in Illinois, Wolverine Mats is the first place to call. 

When you are working with cranes, ground stabilization is essential. Crane mats are used to reduce the chance of the crane becoming unstable and tipping over.

Also known as timber mats or heavy equipment mats, crane mats provide ground stabilization for heavy equipment used on construction sites. They can also be layered under oil cranes. 

Wolverine has crane mats available in a variety of sizes. We have mats that are 4’ and 5’ wide by 8” x 16’, 18’, 20’ and 24’. We also have sizes 12” x 16’, 18’, 20’, 24’, 30’ and 40’. 

Mats can also be customized to customer’s specifications. 

We sell crane mats new or used. Buying a used mat is a money saving and environmentally friendly option. All used mats are checked out in advance to ensure they are in safe working condition. 

Crane Mats for rent in Illinois and Hardwood Mats

Crane Mats for Rent in Illinois

Despite economic problems the state has been facing, the construction industry in Illinois is booming. In fact, it has the second highest number of tower cranes in operation as compared to any other U.S. city. The surge is largely due to companies relocating to the Chicago area increasing the demand for residential spaces. 

With all the activity in the construction industry, and with crane operation being essential to the business, it comes as no surprise that crane mats are in high demand. 

Wolverine is ready to meet the demands of the busy Illinois construction industry with high quality mats that can be bought or rented. Buying is the best option for those that need mats on an ongoing basis while renting is a good choice for those that only require mats every once in a while. 

Why Rent from Wolverine Mat?

Wolverine Mat is an excellent source for crane mats for rent in Illinois. We are known for our high-quality products and our outstanding service. Our reputation has earned us business working on some of the largest construction projects in the nation. 

If you are looking for quality mats for your construction project, contact Wolverine first. We treat our customers like family and always provide the quality you are expecting.