If you are looking for timber mats for lease in Ohio, Wolverine is the one to call. 

They are made of a durable wood and provide support for heavy equipment. In turn, timber mats are extremely useful on job sites. They are made of a durable wood and provide support for heavy equipment. 

Wolverine has a variety of timber mats available. They come in a variety of wood materials including solid oak, mixed hardwood, Douglas fir and pine. 

Our wood mats are durable enough to add stability to track equipment. They are often used under cranes and can bridge rivers, creeks and other small bodies of water. They can be attached to expose belts or used with cables to help with lifting. 

The mats are 8’ to 40’ in length and come in a variety of weights. They are transportable by truck.

Timber mats for lease in Ohio

Timber Mats for Lease in Ohio

In recent years, Ohio has been experiencing an unprecedented boom in construction. Northeast Ohio is seeing rapid growth and the real estate industry is also calling for new building projects. With all this activity in Ohio construction, there is a high demand for equipment and timber mats are no exception.

Wolverine makes it easy for Ohio businesses to get the timber mats they need by providing owning and renting options. Renting is ideal for companies that may not need mats that often while owning is better for companies that need mats on an ongoing basis. Renting is also suited to contractors looking to try out mats before determining if they are right for them.

Why Wolverine Mat

Wolverine is the go-to company when it comes to timber mats for lease in Ohio. The mats we have available are high quality. We match this with the exceptional service our customers have come to expect. Our high standards have provided us with a reputation for working on some of the largest pipeline and electrical transmission line projects in the nation. 

Timber mats are terrific for added security on your job site. Wolverine’s exceptional quality and service make us leaders in the industry. Don’t hesitate to call us for any of your mat construction needs.