Composite mats are the perfect solution for projects which are carried out in different locations. These mats are specially used in drilling projects and in oilfields, as there is an additional need to provide protection to the ground from chemical spills. Companies and organizations look forward to rent composite mats when work is carried out in unstable coastal sand areas, on muddy surfaces, wetlands, and other surfaces.

image of composite mats

So, where can you rent composite mats? We have composite mats for rent in Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio.

Composite mats are constructed hollow or sold with specialized steel bolts. Using such mats helps in eliminating problems which are associated with timber mats. Timber mat users complain about board breakage, warping, insect infestation, rotting and others. Composite mats for rents are in high demand as they last a long time and more than solid wooden mats.

Why Rent Composite Mats?

These mats have several features which make them suitable for various purposes.

  • Highly Durable – Composite mats are durable and strong. One of the many benefits of using these mats is that they help in eliminating several problems which are inherent with other hardwood mats. Thus, these mats last for a long-time and more than wooden mats. These are durable as they can hold up strong under rough weather conditions, in difficult soils and in unstable terrain. Since composite mats do not absorb liquid, they remain strong in wet conditions.
  • Versatile – Composite mats are quite versatile and durable. These can be easily configured for any kind of job requirement. These mats can be reused and as they weigh less than construction mats, it does not cost much to ship them.
  • Total Protection – Composite mats are easily transported. These mats can withstand a lot of weight and offer top protection for people in any construction project, crews, and equipment. The surface of the composite mats are well patterned, and they offer great traction for equipment and workers. Such composite material is non-conductive and can guard against various problems with static electricity.

Composite mats help in distributing forces on ground especially from heavy equipment. Thus, they help in maximizing the impact of the environment. Composite mats helps in spending a lot less time in reclaiming the site.

Composite mat system can be easily customized as per your requirements. You can select between popular sizes.