3 ply access mats are a very useful part of many heavy duty construction projects. 

These mats are portable platforms that are used to support equipment used in construction and similar activities like drilling rigs, camps, tanks and helipads. They can also be used to provide passage over unstable grounds found at these sites. 

If you are looking for access mats for your project, Wolverine Mat has 3 ply access mats for rent or sale. 

3 ply access mats

The Construction Sets Them Apart

3 ply access mats are preferable because their multi-layers add to their durability. They are ideal for providing temporary roadways for cranes and construction equipment. They work well for lighter load demands. The fact that they are lightweight and easy to maneuver makes them perfect for temporary use. 

The mats are made of a wood material that is durable and can withstand extreme amounts of pressure without flexing or breaking. The wood is treated to be rot and split resistant. It is also eco-friendly. 

Rent or Own 3 ply access mats

If you work in the construction industry, you may have an ongoing need for access mats, or you may only need them for certain projects. We provide rental and sale options that allow you to find a solution that works best for you. 

If you require mats for a few days at a time, renting may be a cost-effective solution. If you need them on an ongoing basis, it may be more budget friendly to buy the mats thereby avoiding rental fees that can accumulate over time. We will work with you to find a plan that best suits your needs. 

Why Wolverine Mats

Wolverine Mats is the recommended company for 3 ply access mats for rent or sale. Our mats are constructed to be long lasting and they provide a safe solution for ground protection. We have worked in the business for several years and are known for supplying high quality matting to reputable companies in a variety of industries. 

If you are looking for 3 play access mats for rent or sale, call Wolverine first. We guarantee high quality products and terrific service you can count on. 

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