Our composite mats for sale are a beneficial addition to temporary road and work sites. They provide a tough, field-verified protecting surface and can be used in any application that requires access to special environments. They offer stabilization for heavy equipment as well as ground protection. 

These mats work well in any project area, but they are especially recommended in gas, oilfields and for drilling project. That’s because they offer superior protection from chemical spills. They are ideal for work in ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, coastal sands and marshy or muddy surfaces. 

If you are looking for composite mats for sale, Wolverine Mat LLC is a recommended provider. 

image of composite mats
Composite Mats

Composite Mats for Sale 

Our mats are a cost-effective solution for providing a surface that can stand up to all weather conditions year-round. They do not absorb liquid, so they hold up well to moisture and humidity. They are also superior to timber mats that are subject to rot, insect infestation, warping and breakage. The material is non-conducive, so you don’t have to worry about issues with static electricity. 

The composite mats are lightweight and easy to transport making them ideal for temporary applications. However, the are also durable enough to stand up to considerable loads. They come in two different sizes and they feature cam locks and a simple hex that is easy to operate. 

We Also Have Rental Options

If you have a need for composite mats on an ongoing basis, you may want to buy them outright. However, if you only need them for certain projects, you may prefer to rent them. Contact us to find a plan that works best for you. 

Why Wolverine is the Best Choice for Composite Mats

Wolverine Mat is the go – to when it comes to composite mats and other construction matting solutions. Our mats are constructed to provide safe ground protection and maximum longevity. We have a reputation for supplying high quality maps to the biggest pipeline and electrical projects in the nation. 

If you are looking for composite mats for sale, call Wolverine first. We provide the ultimate in quality, the best in service and a plan that works for you.

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