Crane mats for road construction are very important when you’re working with cranes and other heavy equipment. If the ground is soft or not level, there is a risk of the crane tilting over. Crane mats are very useful in this application. They are designed to provide crane stabilization at huge construction sites and under oil rigs. 

Crane mats can be particularly useful in road construction. When work is being done on a road, no matter how well the area is blocked off, there will always be cars, pedestrians and property nearby. Crane mats keep cranes from tipping over and causing serious damage and injuries. 

If you are looking for crane mats for road construction, Wolverine Mat, LLC has a variety in store. 

Crane mats for road construction

Wolverine Mat’s Crane Mats for Road Construction

Wolverine has high quality crane mats that provide a steady base for crane construction. Our mats have been used on several construction sites to offer the ultimate in safety in various applications. 

At Wolverine, we give our customers the choice of purchasing new, used or laminated crane mats. Our mats are available in various sizes includes 4’ and 5’ wide by 8” x 16’, 18’ 20’ and 24’ feet. We also have 12” by 16’, 18’, 20’, 24’. 30’ and 40’. Mats can also be customized according to customer specifications. 

For a money saving and eco-friendly alternative, consider our used crane mats. These come in various sizes. Contact us to find out what we have in stock. We carry swamp mats and timber mats as well. 

Laminated mats are also available, and they can be customized according to customer specifications. 

Why Wolverine Mat

Wolverine Mat is a recommended provider of crane mats. Our mats are constructed for safety and longevity. They can be used for a variety of projects from pipeline to electrical transmission, from field to mill. And when you call Wolverine, you will always get the superior service you have come to expect.

If you need crane mats for your road construction project, call Wolverine first. 

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