Wolverine is the one to call for crane mats for rent in Pennsylvania.

If you are working with cranes on a construction site, a crane mat is essential. 

Cranes are big pieces of machinery. If the ground is soft or unlevel, there is a risk that they may tip over causing expensive damage and unwanted injuries. A crane mat provides stability to the crane keeping your site and your workers safe. 

Also, called timber mats, crane mats are made of a premium wood that is constructed for the ultimate in durability. 

Wolverine has a large selection of crane mats available. They are made from the finest timbers and meet strict engineering requirements. Their dense and compression resistant design allows them to stand up to harsh conditions and heavy equipment. 

Our mats come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to meet customer requirements. They are durable enough to be reused and you can buy them in used condition as a money saving and environmentally friendly option. 

Crane Mats for Rent in Pennsylvania
Crane Mats ready to be delivered.

Crane Mats for Rent in Pennsylvania

Although Pennsylvania has experienced a temporary decline in construction due to the coronavirus pandemic, experts predict businesses will bounce back with a revival that is bigger than ever. When that occurs, Wolverine will be there for their construction needs providing crane mats that keep sites safer. 

In order to help accommodate contractors that may be working with a reduced budget, we offer rental options. This is ideal for those who don’t have the cash flow to buy or may not need a crane mat on an ongoing basis. For those ready to invest, ownership is also possible. 

Buying used can also help contractors save money during this difficult time.

Why Rent From Wolverine Mat?

If you are looking for crane mats for rent in Pennsylvania, Wolverine is a recommended supplier. We offer high quality products and outstanding service that sets us apart. Over the years, we have built a reputation that has given us the opportunity to work on some of the biggest construction products in the nation. 

Crane mats will help keep your job site safe. Wolverine’s crane mats offer terrific quality and affordable purchasing choices. Why call anyone else? Reach us via phone or through our contact form today.