We have digging mats for sale here at Wolverine mat. Also known as crane mats, digging mats are a great way to keep your site safe if you plan on using cranes. 

If you are looking for digging mats for sale, Wolverine Mat is the company to call. 

Cranes are heavy pieces of machinery. If the ground is level or soft, there is a high probability that they will tip over. Digging mats provide the stability you need saving your site and your workers from possible danger. 

If you are looking for digging mats for your site, Wolverine has a wide variety in stock. Our mats come in sizes including 4’ and 5’ wide by 8” x 16’, 18’, 20’ and 14’ as well as 12” x 16’, 18’, 20’, 24’, 30’ and 40’. We can also customize mat sizes according to your specifications. 

Digging mats for sale

Used Mats are an Option

The mats we supply are made of a durable wood material. The high quality design means the mats can be used over and over. In fact, the mats are so sturdy, that we even sell them used. 

Our used mats are inspected to ensure they will provide the safety and security you expect. Selling used allows our customers to take advantage of an eco-friendly and money saving option. 

Own vs. Rent

Wolverine Mat customers have the option of owning or renting. Contractors that need mats on an ongoing basis may prefer the digging mats to own choice. This way, they will always have mats on hand and they will not keep incurring rental fees.

If you only need mats every once in a while, you may prefer the rental option. This will save you from the expense of buying a mat you may not use very often. 

Digging Mats For Sale – Why Choose Wolverine Mat?

Wolverine is a great choice if you are looking for digging mats for sale. Over the years, we have built a reputation for honesty, integrity and the best products in the business. The recognition we earned has allowed us to work on some of the biggest construction projects in the nation. 

Digging mats are essential in keeping construction sites safe. If you need safety mats for your site, call Wolverine first. Our exceptional service and quality products set us apart.