Wolverine Mat is your number one choice for composite mats for lease in Ohio.

Composite mats are recommended for a wide range of construction products, but they are often used in gas and oil fields and for drilling. They are ideal for protecting the ground from chemical spills and they are also perfect for working in ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, and coastal, marshy and muddy areas.

Unlike timber mats, composite mats are typically made of various plastic materials and steel bolts. This makes them safe from rot, insect infestation, warping and breakage. They do not absorb liquid and they have surfaces that provide traction and protection from slips and falls. Their nonconductive material eliminates static electricity issues. They are lightweight and still able to endure significant weights. 

image of composite mats
Composite Mats

Wolverine has a wide variety of composite mats in stock. Our mats come in sizes 7.5’ x 14’ x 4” (1,150 lbs.) and 7.5’ x 7.5’ x 4” (543 lbs.). They use cam locks and a simple hex to operate. 

Composite Mats for Lease in Ohio

Ohio has recently been seeing a boom in its business economy and the construction industry is moving to meet the demand. $4 billion new construction projects were projected for 2019 including nonresidential, residential and public works projects and the trend is expected to continue in coming years. 

Wolverine plays a key role in the state’s lively construction industry by providing composite mats for lease in Ohio. Our for-lease options are convenient for contractors who don’t use mats that often or want to try them out to see how efficient they are. We also have purchasing options for those that need the mats on an ongoing basis. 

Why Rent or Purchase from Wolverine Mat

If you are looking for composite mats for lease in Ohio, Wolverine is an obvious choice. Our industry experience means you can count on us to provide high quality products and exceptional service. Our outstanding reputation has allowed us to work on some of the biggest projects in the nation. 

Composite mats are a convenient alternative to timber mats, and they are an effective solution for keeping your site safe. Wolverine is a trusted provider of mats that are recommended for any work area. Call us the next time you need to rent or purchase a mat for your project.

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