Crane Mats in Michigan

In Michigan, there is a steady demand for crane mats. Several projects require these mats for different reasons. Companies offer crane mats in Michigan in unique designs but with high-strength material. Since these mats must bear a lot of weight and have to handle pressure, they use top-quality material in their making, ensuring optimum performance.

You can buy or rent crane mats in Michigan as per your requirements. There are many challenges faced by companies when they work in an uneven or marshy or swampy area. The first concern is how to ensure that the crane is stable, and it does not topple over if the ground is soft and seems to be moving?

Here are some answers to many common concerns – the solution for all of which are crane mats!

How easy is it to set up the mats?

The best part is that it is quite easy to lay these mats. No additional machinery or equipment is necessary for installing the mats. Any existing lifting machinery can place all these mats in their position. The mats do not take up a lot of space. These are easy to stack, are easy to transport, and can be quickly offloaded.

Used Crane Mats and Timber Mats
Crane Mats ready to be delivered.

Are these crane mats in Michigan good for the environment?

Yes, they are environmentally friendly. These mats can keep the ground protected and away from any damage or contamination.

Can they protect underground as well?

Crane mats help in protecting not just the ground but ensure that other underground services are well-protected as well. These are effective in keeping the ground safe from problems like ground churn, contamination, or disintegration. Thus, there is limited impact on the environment.

How safe are crane mats?

One of the main reasons to use crane mats in Michigan is for their security and safety. They offer quick and safe access to sites. It is otherwise tough to reach sites that are dangerous or difficult to reach for some reason. At times, at certain locations, the ground is soft, it can be muddy and waterlogged. In all such areas, crane mats provide easy access to the site. In some rough terrains like where there is lots of silt and sand, crane mats can make movement easy.

These mats offer a solid and stable base so that work can be easily carried out. Crane mats can change any rough or unstable platform into a safe surface. These can change the surface of any region to a safe surface. These mats are just ideal for even the heaviest cranes to move without any fear of slippage or accident.

How durable are the mats?

Our crane mats in Michigan are built strong and durable. When in use correctly, they can last for years.

You can purchase or rent crane mats in Michigan from Wolverine Mat. We stock a large number of crane mats, and we can build them to order as needed.

Crane Mats for Road Construction

Crane Mats for Road Construction

Whenever a crane is in use in a construction project, there is a requirement for crane mats. The primary purpose of using crane mats is to ensure the safety of job sites. No one desires to compromise on safety factors, whenever there is a use of a crane on uneven ground. If things go wrong, it can lead to a lot of damage to the construction, it can kill and even injure workers.

Cranes mats are now a must for any road construction project.

Here are some reasons why these are an indispensable part of road construction.

Crane Mats on a truck for delivery
Mats ready to be delivered.

Safety is Prime Importance

When mats are in use, it can turn any surface to a safe surface. In any road construction site, it is common that the site will be uneven, it can be bumpy, swampy, muddy, and marshy. If a crane is in use on that surface, there is a risk of accident, and a sudden fall over. When crane mats are installed right under it, the crane gets a stable base. Workers can move ahead with their jobs without having to worry about safety or falling over.

Your Work is More Efficient Using Crane Mats

Whenever a crane is in use on any uneven surface, there is constant fear and, additional safety or precautionary measures are necessary. If any maneuver is needed, this becomes quite challenging. The entire process takes time as people do it carefully and slowly. It means there are lesser efficiency and loss of several productive hours. If crane mats are in use, it solves the problem. Workers can work as per their schedule, without having to look back whenever the crane moves. Crane mats help in achieving better efficiency and speed up the job.

No Worry about Cranes Getting Stuck

In any road construction project, many challenges come along. One big problem is that of a crane getting stuck in a swampy or muddy area. If this happens, it is never easy to get it out. It takes a lot of effort, time, and labor to free that crane. Using crane mats helps in preventing such a situation from arising. With the use of these mats, it is convenient and effortless to remove the crane from any job site as the work is over.

Whenever there is any requirement for temporary support for heavy equipment or exceptional loads, crane mats are the answers. These are in demand for being special-purpose access mats that offer ground stabilization, even when there is extreme weight. These mats provide a steady, reliable, and durable platform on sand, mud, or marshy wetlands.