Timber mats are specially constructed with the help of heavy timber. They connect the timbers side-by-side which creates a strong and durable platform. Hardwood timber mats have several applications, which is one of the reasons for their high demand. Made from top quality hardwood, these timber mats are available in a variety of shapes. They help in lifting systems and interconnecting panels. Their different dimensions increase their suitability in various applications.

They offer immense support for moving tracked vehicles and the heaviest of wheeled vehicles. They are suitable for use in rough terrains and surfaces. In any construction site, in case of forest harvesting or for maintenance purpose in low-level wetlands, it is often necessary to use mats to complete a project. There are several benefits of using these mats in terms of environmental effects and costs.

hardwood timber mats

What are the main benefits of using hardwood timber mats?

Those who are working in the wetlands have a lot of difficulty when they need to maneuver heavy machinery. This is especially when the terrain is swampy and rugged. In all such situations, hardwood timber mats are helpful as they can prevent expensive equipment and vehicles from getting stuck in the muddy terrain. These mats are useful as they are quite flexible. It is convenient to use these mats on unstable ground and when crossing muddy areas or swamps. If these mats are used, there is no additional requirement to build any kind of permanent structure on an unstable ground.

What kind of timber mats are most useful?

Timber mats which are 8 inches, 10 inches or 12 inches thick are very useful. These mats are between 8 to 40 feet in length. Also, they are suitable for supporting heavy machinery usage on the swampy or muddy land. Some common equipment which is perfect for use with mats include timber harvesting equipment and oil rigs.

How easy are they to use?

Removal and installation of hardwood timber mats are streamlined when you are dealing with top quality mats. Also, any new timber mat which is of grade A or B is easy to install and remove.

Are they good for the environment?

Hardwood timber mats are a smart alternative when you’re planning to build a permanent structure. They’re useful when you’re planning for any maintenance or construction project in wetlands. In harvesting situations, there can be a need to move the harvesting equipment across a stream. If hardwood timber mats are not used for crossing, it will be quite challenging to complete the job.