Timber Mats for Lease in Ohio at Wolverine Mat

If you are looking for timber mats for lease in Ohio, Wolverine is the one to call. 

They are made of a durable wood and provide support for heavy equipment. In turn, timber mats are extremely useful on job sites. They are made of a durable wood and provide support for heavy equipment. 

Wolverine has a variety of timber mats available. They come in a variety of wood materials including solid oak, mixed hardwood, Douglas fir and pine. 

Our wood mats are durable enough to add stability to track equipment. They are often used under cranes and can bridge rivers, creeks and other small bodies of water. They can be attached to expose belts or used with cables to help with lifting. 

The mats are 8’ to 40’ in length and come in a variety of weights. They are transportable by truck.

Timber mats for lease in Ohio

Timber Mats for Lease in Ohio

In recent years, Ohio has been experiencing an unprecedented boom in construction. Northeast Ohio is seeing rapid growth and the real estate industry is also calling for new building projects. With all this activity in Ohio construction, there is a high demand for equipment and timber mats are no exception.

Wolverine makes it easy for Ohio businesses to get the timber mats they need by providing owning and renting options. Renting is ideal for companies that may not need mats that often while owning is better for companies that need mats on an ongoing basis. Renting is also suited to contractors looking to try out mats before determining if they are right for them.

Why Wolverine Mat

Wolverine is the go-to company when it comes to timber mats for lease in Ohio. The mats we have available are high quality. We match this with the exceptional service our customers have come to expect. Our high standards have provided us with a reputation for working on some of the largest pipeline and electrical transmission line projects in the nation. 

Timber mats are terrific for added security on your job site. Wolverine’s exceptional quality and service make us leaders in the industry. Don’t hesitate to call us for any of your mat construction needs.

Timber Mats for Rent in Indiana from Wolverine Mat

If you are looking for timber mats for rent in Indiana, Wolverine Mat is the one to call. We also have timber mats for purchase.

Timber mats are heavy equipment mats made of large timbers. Wolverine provides mats that come in a variety of materials including mixed hardwoods, solid oak, pine or Douglas fir. They are durable enough to add stability to most track equipment. They can also be notched to expose belts or used with cables to provide an easier lifting experience. 

The mats come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8’ to 40’ in length. They are typically used under cranes or for bridging creeks and rivers. They are also transportable by truck which is convenient when taking them from location to location. 

Timber mats for rent in Indiana

Timber Mats for Rent in Indiana

Indiana’s friendly climate and bustling economy makes it a hub for construction. There are a lot of county jail construction projects in the works and more on the horizon. As result, there is a high demand for equipment and the use of timber mats.

Wolverine makes it easy for Indiana businesses to get the timber mats they need by offering owning and renting options. Owning is also a good option for those who need timber mats on an ongoing basis. Renting is ideal for businesses that don’t need timber mats as often or are trying to decide if timber mats are right for them. 

Why Wolverine Mat

In addition to offering high quality products and convenient options to Indiana services, Wolverine Mat offers excellent service that sets us apart. We have a reputation for supplying high quality matting to the largest pipeline and electrical transmission line projects in the nation. We partner with customers to provide high quality service and the matting options that best suit their needs.

Timber mats are a useful item to have on construction sites. With an excellent reputation and the best products in the business, Wolverine is the one to contact when you are looking for timber mats for rent in Indiana. Call us for a quote today. 

Crane Mats for the Power Line Industry

We are a national supplier of crane mats for the power line industry. Our mats are used all over the U.S. for heavy equipment to drive on over rough terrain.

We have options for purchasing or leasing mats for your constructions sites. Our experienced staff can help you determine which option is most cost effective for you. If you’re in the planning stages and need crane mats for the power line industry, we can supply you with what you need.

crane mates for the power line industry

Our mats can be purchased in many different sizes, and we also have options to build them to custom specs. There are also many different types of mats that we build. Different types include timber mats, laminated mats, and composite mats. Depending on the project we can recommend what will work best for you.

When taking heavy equipment onto construction sites, our mats help provide stability on rough terrain. We have mats that meet the specs for all different types of equipment.

You can find out more information about our products right here on our website. You can also learn more about us via our social media channels including LinkedIn and Facebook.

We supply crane mats for the power line industry.

Also remember that we can supply you quickly with as many mats as you need. We work with smaller contractor, and also regularly supply large project with 10,000+ mats at a time. You can get in touch with us on the phone or send us a message through the website. We’re happy to help you during the planning phase of your project. We have many years of experience and will make sure to supply you with exactly what you need.

If you’re looking to purchase or lease access mats, we’re here to help. Contact us today. The earlier on in the project you can reach out to us, the better.

Rent Timber Mats From Wolverine Mat

Timber mats, also known as wood mats, have a widespread demand, mainly because of their usefulness and durability. You can rent timber mats, made from different grades of softwood or hardwood. These are available for rent from us in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

There are many reasons why you would want to rent timber mats. Construction crews have the task of shaping untamed and raw lands. Heavy equipment needs to move through the ground, which isn’t stable. Contractors have to consider the environment as well throughout the process. Heavy construction vehicles can cause damage and stress to wetlands and to different sensitive areas. In such construction projects, timber mats are widely used.

Timber mats in use

When you rent timber mats, you are able to create stage areas or temporary roadways in any construction project. These timber mats are in great demand due to their many benefits.

Benefits of Timber Mats

They Are Environmentally Friendly – When these mats are used on any construction site, there is no additional worry about damage being caused to the environment. The ground is protected from damage and any kind of contamination. Timber mats are made from top-quality, sustainable sources, which assures that are environmentally friendly.

They are Totally Safe – Timber mats are essential when work is carried on the soft ground. These mats offer secure placement for cranes. These mats are totally safe and will not sink into the ground. The operator gets a steady and safe place. Works can move around safely and confidently when they are around the crane.

They Are Easy to Set Up – Laying these mats is an easy process. These can be laid quickly, with the help of existing lifting machinery. These mats can be lifted and placed in position with the lifting machinery. These mats can be easily stacked. They are easy to transport and offload. After setting up, they offer a stable base on the site, which helps in reducing the site costs.

Keeps the Underlying Ground Protected – Laying the timber mats on the ground ensures that the underground services are protected from damage. It helps in guarding the ground from problems related to contamination and disintegration.

They Are Available in Different Sizes – No matter what the requirement is, you can rent timber mats easily because they are available in different sizes. They are made using different timber species which makes them suitable for a variety of projects. Such mats are suitable for use in a variety of applications. Since these are available in different choices, you will find one crane mat which is just perfect for your project.

Look at our product page to start the process to rent timber mats from us.

Hardwood Timber Mats and Their Many Uses

Timber mats are specially constructed with the help of heavy timber. They connect the timbers side-by-side which creates a strong and durable platform. Hardwood timber mats have several applications, which is one of the reasons for their high demand. Made from top quality hardwood, these timber mats are available in a variety of shapes. They help in lifting systems and interconnecting panels. Their different dimensions increase their suitability in various applications.

They offer immense support for moving tracked vehicles and the heaviest of wheeled vehicles. They are suitable for use in rough terrains and surfaces. In any construction site, in case of forest harvesting or for maintenance purpose in low-level wetlands, it is often necessary to use mats to complete a project. There are several benefits of using these mats in terms of environmental effects and costs.

hardwood timber mats

What are the main benefits of using hardwood timber mats?

Those who are working in the wetlands have a lot of difficulty when they need to maneuver heavy machinery. This is especially when the terrain is swampy and rugged. In all such situations, hardwood timber mats are helpful as they can prevent expensive equipment and vehicles from getting stuck in the muddy terrain. These mats are useful as they are quite flexible. It is convenient to use these mats on unstable ground and when crossing muddy areas or swamps. If these mats are used, there is no additional requirement to build any kind of permanent structure on an unstable ground.

What kind of timber mats are most useful?

Timber mats which are 8 inches, 10 inches or 12 inches thick are very useful. These mats are between 8 to 40 feet in length. Also, they are suitable for supporting heavy machinery usage on the swampy or muddy land. Some common equipment which is perfect for use with mats include timber harvesting equipment and oil rigs.

How easy are they to use?

Removal and installation of hardwood timber mats are streamlined when you are dealing with top quality mats. Also, any new timber mat which is of grade A or B is easy to install and remove.

Are they good for the environment?

Hardwood timber mats are a smart alternative when you’re planning to build a permanent structure. They’re useful when you’re planning for any maintenance or construction project in wetlands. In harvesting situations, there can be a need to move the harvesting equipment across a stream. If hardwood timber mats are not used for crossing, it will be quite challenging to complete the job.

Timber Mats for Rent in the United States

A lot of companies are looking for timber mats for rent to save money over purchasing them. At Wolverine Mats most of our products are available to rent or purchase.

These mats are specially designed hardwood construction mats, which are strong, durable, and useful.

timber mats for rent

So, how are these timber mats created? Heavy timbers are joined side-side for creating these timber mats. When joined, they can create a sturdy and durable platform which can be used on different surfaces or roadways. Timber mats are made from various grades of wood. Companies prefer these timber mats for rent, as they are used for digging, moving heavy equipment and rig matting. They are the ideal solution in any challenging project construction.

Let us get into some details which explain why these timber mats for rent, the official material choice are for so many organizations.

Their Weight

Steel has greater weight than timber. Thus, if steel mats are used there is some additional weight involved. Thus, moving & placing these mats made from steel is difficult. They either must be dragged, or special machine bought to lift them and place them into the right space. Such an extra weight adds to expenses in the form of shipping costs, as the mats are moved from one location to another. However, when people use timber mats this problem does not come and there are no additional expenses involved.

Cost Effectiveness

It is always economical to rent timber mats. Thus, people search for timber mats for rent as these mats are durable and functional. Timber mats for rent come cheaper than the steel mats. Steel mats are difficult to move from one place to another and additional costs are involved as well. Timber mats can be easily built in specific dimensions. Long or short boards can be used for cutting these mats into different specifications.

Totally Flexible

When compared to steel, timber mats offer good deal of flexibility whenever they are used. These mats are built from top-quality hardwood. These are durable and strong – you do not have to worry about snapping of these timber mats, even in the most challenging situations. Thus, site managers find these mats quite useful and can carry out all work in an uninterrupted flow when these mats are used.

Today, you will come across a variety of timber mats for rent. These mats are often known by different names, but their usefulness cannot be denied. Before you rent the mats, do not forget to check the size dimensions. You will also need to check the type of hardwood used in the making of these mats and select one according to your preference.