A lot of companies are looking for timber mats for rent to save money over purchasing them. At Wolverine Mats most of our products are available to rent or purchase.

These mats are specially designed hardwood construction mats, which are strong, durable, and useful.

timber mats for rent

So, how are these timber mats created? Heavy timbers are joined side-side for creating these timber mats. When joined, they can create a sturdy and durable platform which can be used on different surfaces or roadways. Timber mats are made from various grades of wood. Companies prefer these timber mats for rent, as they are used for digging, moving heavy equipment and rig matting. They are the ideal solution in any challenging project construction.

Let us get into some details which explain why these timber mats for rent, the official material choice are for so many organizations.

Their Weight

Steel has greater weight than timber. Thus, if steel mats are used there is some additional weight involved. Thus, moving & placing these mats made from steel is difficult. They either must be dragged, or special machine bought to lift them and place them into the right space. Such an extra weight adds to expenses in the form of shipping costs, as the mats are moved from one location to another. However, when people use timber mats this problem does not come and there are no additional expenses involved.

Cost Effectiveness

It is always economical to rent timber mats. Thus, people search for timber mats for rent as these mats are durable and functional. Timber mats for rent come cheaper than the steel mats. Steel mats are difficult to move from one place to another and additional costs are involved as well. Timber mats can be easily built in specific dimensions. Long or short boards can be used for cutting these mats into different specifications.

Totally Flexible

When compared to steel, timber mats offer good deal of flexibility whenever they are used. These mats are built from top-quality hardwood. These are durable and strong – you do not have to worry about snapping of these timber mats, even in the most challenging situations. Thus, site managers find these mats quite useful and can carry out all work in an uninterrupted flow when these mats are used.

Today, you will come across a variety of timber mats for rent. These mats are often known by different names, but their usefulness cannot be denied. Before you rent the mats, do not forget to check the size dimensions. You will also need to check the type of hardwood used in the making of these mats and select one according to your preference.