Timber mats, also known as wood mats, have a widespread demand, mainly because of their usefulness and durability. You can rent timber mats, made from different grades of softwood or hardwood. These are available for rent from us in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

There are many reasons why you would want to rent timber mats. Construction crews have the task of shaping untamed and raw lands. Heavy equipment needs to move through the ground, which isn’t stable. Contractors have to consider the environment as well throughout the process. Heavy construction vehicles can cause damage and stress to wetlands and to different sensitive areas. In such construction projects, timber mats are widely used.

Timber mats in use

When you rent timber mats, you are able to create stage areas or temporary roadways in any construction project. These timber mats are in great demand due to their many benefits.

Benefits of Timber Mats

They Are Environmentally Friendly – When these mats are used on any construction site, there is no additional worry about damage being caused to the environment. The ground is protected from damage and any kind of contamination. Timber mats are made from top-quality, sustainable sources, which assures that are environmentally friendly.

They are Totally Safe – Timber mats are essential when work is carried on the soft ground. These mats offer secure placement for cranes. These mats are totally safe and will not sink into the ground. The operator gets a steady and safe place. Works can move around safely and confidently when they are around the crane.

They Are Easy to Set Up – Laying these mats is an easy process. These can be laid quickly, with the help of existing lifting machinery. These mats can be lifted and placed in position with the lifting machinery. These mats can be easily stacked. They are easy to transport and offload. After setting up, they offer a stable base on the site, which helps in reducing the site costs.

Keeps the Underlying Ground Protected – Laying the timber mats on the ground ensures that the underground services are protected from damage. It helps in guarding the ground from problems related to contamination and disintegration.

They Are Available in Different Sizes – No matter what the requirement is, you can rent timber mats easily because they are available in different sizes. They are made using different timber species which makes them suitable for a variety of projects. Such mats are suitable for use in a variety of applications. Since these are available in different choices, you will find one crane mat which is just perfect for your project.

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