If you are looking for timber mats for rent in Indiana, Wolverine Mat is the one to call. We also have timber mats for purchase.

Timber mats are heavy equipment mats made of large timbers. Wolverine provides mats that come in a variety of materials including mixed hardwoods, solid oak, pine or Douglas fir. They are durable enough to add stability to most track equipment. They can also be notched to expose belts or used with cables to provide an easier lifting experience. 

The mats come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8’ to 40’ in length. They are typically used under cranes or for bridging creeks and rivers. They are also transportable by truck which is convenient when taking them from location to location. 

Timber mats for rent in Indiana

Timber Mats for Rent in Indiana

Indiana’s friendly climate and bustling economy makes it a hub for construction. There are a lot of county jail construction projects in the works and more on the horizon. As result, there is a high demand for equipment and the use of timber mats.

Wolverine makes it easy for Indiana businesses to get the timber mats they need by offering owning and renting options. Owning is also a good option for those who need timber mats on an ongoing basis. Renting is ideal for businesses that don’t need timber mats as often or are trying to decide if timber mats are right for them. 

Why Wolverine Mat

In addition to offering high quality products and convenient options to Indiana services, Wolverine Mat offers excellent service that sets us apart. We have a reputation for supplying high quality matting to the largest pipeline and electrical transmission line projects in the nation. We partner with customers to provide high quality service and the matting options that best suit their needs.

Timber mats are a useful item to have on construction sites. With an excellent reputation and the best products in the business, Wolverine is the one to contact when you are looking for timber mats for rent in Indiana. Call us for a quote today.